In 2007 when the economy really started to "plunge" BPLM founders John and Dana Rao with a broom and shovel, rubbed two pennies left from their dump truck business to gamble a new road to recovery to expand their expertise in the service business. Today, they operate their commercial parking lot business with 6 trucks and 13 employees.


Always Professional

Better Parking Lot Maintenance provides a comprehensive job proposal prior to sweeping, based upon your specific needs. Our equipment is presentable and well-maintained, and Better Parking Lot Maintenance sweeper operators are committed to your satisfaction.

Always Dependable

Better Parking Lot Maintenance takes pride in dependable service for each of our customers. Our radio-dispatched trucks and operators are fully insured. From the front office staff and our professional field teams to the best designed and maintained Tymco equipment, you can depend on Better Parking Lot Maintenance to be there when you need us.

Always Thorough

Better Parking Lot Maintenance uses only the most advanced sweepers that are capable of picking up any loose material from the pavement. Our sweepers feature rotating gutter brooms that will clean your curbline for greater crub appeal. Backpack blowers are used prior to sweeping for hard-to-reach areas such as corners, gated areas and covered parking.

Truly Economical

A regular schedule Better Parking Lot Maintenance program can actually prolong the life of your pavement and paint stripping, thereby delaying costly resurfacing expenses, sand rock and debris act as an abrasive.