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    Day porters perform invaluable, time-saving services and are an excellent way to control property maintenance costs. BPLM offers porter services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

    Litter Removal: Remove all debris from sidewalks, parking lot, common areas and landscaped beds including the rear of property and trash enclosure.

    Dumpster Enclosure Cleaning: Sweep clean trash enclosure keeping them free of over spill from dumpsters.

    Cobweb Removal: Remove all cobwebs from ceiling, building, window sills and light fixtures. Remove inactive wasp nests and beehives, etc.

    Cigarette Urns: Empty cigarette urns on each visit.

    Dusting: Clean all window sills from dust, light fixtures, vendor machines, outdoor seating, and trash receptacles.

    Reporting: Porter will report if applicable;

  • Potholes
  • Broken curb stops
  • Broken or missing splash blocks
  • Broken or damaged car stops
  • Broken, damaged or missing parking lot/pedestrian signage
  • Graffiti